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England, Exeter, UK – Non Residential

Dates to be finalised, 2024

Hypnosis training workshop held on the edge of Exeter. The closest train station is Pinhoe, 1.5 mile walk from the training venue. The training is by Mona Diaz in English The tutor, supervision and certification fee is £550. For more details contact Mona Diaz email;

The training covers the foundation requirements of using hypnosis with clients. The student will be introduced to traditional and Ericksonian approaches. It includes practical lecture, live demonstrations, pair work, interactive discussion and reading assignments.

The training is suitable for students with no prior knowledge of using hypnosis or other therapies, or experienced therapists and professionals wishing to add hypnosis skills.

Foundation Certificate in Hypnosis

A Foundation Level Certificate in Hypnosis accredited by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council enables the student to obtain insurance and work with clients professionally.

The student will need to have;

  • Completed the training workshop
  • Completed all written and reading assignments
  • Produced a self hypnosis recording for skill assessment
  • Worked with 5 clients under supervision and produced a written summary of the sessions

Content of the Training Workshop:

  • Understanding hypnosis and the phenomena of hypnosis.
  • Ethics and client contra indicators for using hypnosis.
  • Client Interview and Information gathering
  • Building rapport with conscious and subconscious mirroring.
  • Indirect and direct hypnosis principals
  • Rhythm and voice control
  • Visualisation inductions
  • Progressive relaxation induction
  • When to use different hypnosis inductions
  • Trance deepening
  • Ideo-motor responses and depth assessment
  • Use of pendulums for independent checks
  • Confusion deepener
  • Step deepener
  • Anchoring
  • Suggestions; direct, indirect, presuppositions, post hypnotic, embedded commands
  • Metaphors
  • Introduction to other applications of hypnosis; smoking cessation, confidence building and relaxation techniques.
  • Bringing clients out of trance
  • Producing self hypnosis recordings


About Mona Diaz Therapy services

The therapies I offer include: Spirit Release, Energy Clearing, Regression Therapy, Past Life Regression, Hypnotherapy, Reiki and Workshops in Exeter, Devon and Avebury, Wiltshire.

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