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Internet classroom, UK, Europe and Singapore time zone

1 day workshop: 30 November 2024

Spiritual emergency training so you can work from home. The training is led by Mona Diaz in English and the tutor fee is £150. For more information contact Mona email;

More and more people are having a rapid spiritual emergence before they have the skills and knowledge to handle it. They are unable to control or cope with what is happening and are bombarded with spiritual information and it is very stressful and overwhelming.

This is called a Spiritual Emergency and it can occur spontaneously or be triggered by challenging life events, substance abuse or various spiritual practices.

This one day internet classroom workshop is open to any therapist or mental health professional. It covers the techniques to handle a client’s spiritual emergency and includes practical lecture, live demonstrations and case study review. The content includes:

  • Understanding the causes of a spiritual emergency
  • The distinction between psychosis and a spiritual emergency
  • Practical techniques and strategies for reducing a spiritual emergency
  • Mindfulness and grounding
  • Energy management and handling vulnerability to spirit attachments, curses and psychic attack
  • Ego strengthening and using a safe place
  • When to start therapy
  • Case study reviews


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