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Spiritual Emergency

On a warm sunny afternoon in September 2014 in rural Devon I was driving, enjoying the landscape and beautiful weather. There was a transit van in front of me, driving slowly through the country lanes. I was not fully concentrating and didn’t notice the van come to a very abrupt stop to avoid horses in the road. I plunged into the back of him, and experienced a hard blow to my 3rd eye, spending several days with severe concussion.

Although my childhood had been a long-drawn-out spiritual crisis in many ways, where I was living between two worlds and would see and experience spirits, sometimes wonderous and other times terrifying. It was during the intense 6-week period that followed the car crash that I learned first-hand the height of crisis and despair that can come with Spiritual Emergency. With the latter experience I had no way of controlling what was happening and I felt I was on the edge of insanity. My inner world was being bombarded by low vibrational spirits, who relished in my fear. The more fear I had, the more fun they had it seemed. I found everyday life became a matter of survival and I was in a constant state of fight or flight. I had very little sleep during this period, night times were spent sitting upright in bed with the lights on. I had a real problem distinguishing between this inner world and the outer 3d world. I was in real crisis, I even begged my ex-husband to have me sectioned, luckily he refused, heaven knows what might have happened if he had. The biggest distinguishing feature between psychosis and spiritual emergency is that there will be a degree of discrimination of who the person can talk to about the experience, and the way they talk about it. If there has been a reasonable psychological condition present before the events unfold you can assume that there is Spiritual Emergency occurring rather than psychosis.

You can see from my personal experience how easy it would be to confuse the two. The lines are quite blurry in many cases. This can lead therapists who come across these symptoms to feel a little overwhelmed as to how to identify and help clients overcome Spiritual Emergency. For the record, the experiences and symptoms of Spiritual Emergency don’t necessarily have a ‘spirit’ theme to them, but that can be common. Spiritual Emergency and can occur spontaneously or be triggered by challenging life events, substance abuse or various spiritual practices.

Ideally a Spiritual Emergence (not Emergency) is a natural process that occurs gently, gradually and with harmony. In reality I think most people will experience some sort of dramatic turning point or crisis in their lives, that may or may not turn into a Spiritual Emergency. With a true Spiritual Emergency there will be an unmanageable and terrifying theme, where our unresolved aspects can come to the surface. The events that unfold because the spiritual awakening is happening at high speed rather than the slow gentle process we would all prefer.

When this process is supported and understood it can become a time of transformation with a sense of breaking through rather than breaking down. It is very difficult for anyone in full-blown Spiritual Emergency to navigate through their experiences without support because of the high levels of fear associated with it. I have had many clients who come to me in crisis experiencing their own Spiritual Emergency and there are some very practical and successful techniques that bring their experiences into check quickly and safely. I would like to share these tools and techniques with those of you that would find it helpful and interesting.

This one-day internet classroom workshop open to any therapist or mental health professional. It covers the techniques to handle a client’s Spiritual Emergency and includes practical lectures, exercises and case study review. The content includes:

  • Understanding the causes of a Spiritual Emergency
  • The distinction between psychosis and a Spiritual Emergency
  • Practical techniques and strategies for reducing a Spiritual Emergency
  • Mindfulness and grounding
  • Energy management and handling vulnerability to spirit attachments, curses and psychic attack
  • Ego strengthening and using a safe place
  • When to start therapy
  • Case study reviews

Internet classroom, UK and Europe time zone

Saturday 18th November 2023 Spiritual Emergency training on Zoom so you can work from home. The training is led by Mona Diaz in English and the tutor fee is £120.


About Mona Diaz Therapy services

All Clients come to me with different stories and their experiences during their sessions are diverse.  Some of their attachments have origins in this world and some from others.  Some Clients come to me knowing they are being affected by invisible forces other don’t.  Most are surprised at what they discover and how their lives can change so dramatically afterwards. Nearly all Clients report that they feel lighter at the end of their session. Sometimes having a Spirit Release session can start the ball rolling for many new changes and further healing.

I always end the session giving Clients information and some tools to help them keep their own energy clear and protected.

The therapies I offer include: Spirit Release, Energy Clearing, Regression Therapy, Past Life Regression, Hypnotherapy, Reiki and Workshops in Exeter, Devon and Avebury, Wiltshire.


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